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LightWise Firewire

Support IEEE-1394 FireWire Camera Family

Download guides and resources, or contact us for support with your ISG custom camera or LightWise OEM smart camera.

Camera documentation, drivers and software updates


LightWiseTM  IEEE-1394 FireWireTM Camera Family

Area Cameras

Model Number LW-WVGA-G-1394-C (-M) *(C for Color & M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) MT9V022_DS_H.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-WVGA-G-1394_Global_Shutter_Camera_Users_Guide.pdf
Model Number LW-1.3-S-1394-M (-C) *(C for Color &-M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) ISG_LW-1.3-S-1394_Datasheet_UG.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) MT9M001_DS_MONO_J.pdf
Model Number LW-3-S-1394-C
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) ISG_LW-3-S-1394-C_Datasheet_UG.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) MT9T001_DS_G.pdf
Model Number LW-5-S-1394-C (-M) *(C for Color & M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) ISG_LW-5-S-1394-C_Datasheet_UG.pdf
User’s Manual MT9P001_DS_J.pdf

Line Scan Cameras

Model Number LW-ELIS-1024A-1394
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) PanavisionSVI_ELIS-1024A-Datasheet_PDS0004RevJ.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-ELIS-1024A-1394_Line_Scan_Users_Guide.pdf
Model Number LW-SLIS-2048A-1394
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) PanavisionSVI_SLIS-2048_PDS0005A.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-SLIS-2048A-1394_Line_Scan_Users_Guide.pdf
Model Number LW-PE-2048-1394
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) P-series-021web.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-PE-2048-1394_Line_Scan_Users_Guide.pdf

LightWise 1394 FireWire Software

1394 Drivers (zip)
ISG GUI Software (zip)
CMU executable (zip)
CMU Source (zip)
For 64-bit Operating Systems
ISG GUI Software (64-bit)(zip)
The ISG LightWise GUI is based upon the CMU 1394CameraDemo Software found on the CMU 1394 Driver Distribution Download found below: If you have problems with the ISG version please download and use the CMU 1394CameraDemo software.
CMU 64-bit Driver