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Support IEEE-1394 FireWire Camera Family

Download guides and resources, or contact us for support with your custom camera or LightWise OEM smart camera.

Camera documentation, drivers and software updates


LightWiseTM  IEEE-1394 FireWireTM Camera Family

Area Cameras

Model Number LW-WVGA-G-1394-C (-M) *(C for Color & M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) MT9V022_DS_H.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-WVGA-G-1394_Global_Shutter_Camera_Users_Guide.pdf
Model Number LW-1.3-S-1394-M (-C) *(C for Color &-M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) ISG_LW-1.3-S-1394_Datasheet_UG.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) MT9M001_DS_MONO_J.pdf
Model Number LW-3-S-1394-C
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) ISG_LW-3-S-1394-C_Datasheet_UG.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) MT9T001_DS_G.pdf
Model Number LW-5-S-1394-C (-M) *(C for Color & M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) ISG_LW-5-S-1394-C_Datasheet_UG.pdf
User’s Manual MT9P001_DS_J.pdf

Line Scan Cameras

Model Number LW-ELIS-1024A-1394
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) PanavisionSVI_ELIS-1024A-Datasheet_PDS0004RevJ.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-ELIS-1024A-1394_Line_Scan_Users_Guide.pdf
Model Number LW-SLIS-2048A-1394
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) PanavisionSVI_SLIS-2048_PDS0005A.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-SLIS-2048A-1394_Line_Scan_Users_Guide.pdf
Model Number LW-PE-2048-1394
Sensor Datasheet (pdf) P-series-021web.pdf
User’s Manual (pdf) LW-PE-2048-1394_Line_Scan_Users_Guide.pdf

LightWise 1394 FireWire Software

1394 Drivers (zip)
ISG GUI Software (zip)
CMU executable (zip)
CMU Source (zip)
For 64-bit Operating Systems
ISG GUI Software (64-bit)(zip)
The LightWise GUI is based upon the CMU 1394CameraDemo Software found on the CMU 1394 Driver Distribution Download found below: If you have problems with the ISG version please download and use the CMU 1394CameraDemo software.
CMU 64-bit Driver

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