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About Us

The Imaging Solutions Group

The Imaging Solutions Group (ISG) was founded in 2003 by engineers and is run by engineers. We have limitless ability to navigate complexity and deliver the solution that fits your needs. We have extensive experience in various markets including Machine Vision, Medical, Industrial Imaging, Computer Vision Applications, Traffic and Surveillance. We have developed this expertise over many years of working successfully with some of the largest companies in the world as well as small entrepreneurial organizations.

At the Imaging Solutions Group, we provide a full spectrum of components and processes to enable us to meet your targets.

  • We provide plug-and-play cameras with standard interfaces to get you running quickly.
  • We can customize these platforms to create a specific function for your application.
  • We can design a custom imaging system, optimized for cost and performance using our vast library of IP.

We want to bring you the Intelligent Solution which is the optimum product given your goals for time, cost, and performance – our three IPs

Intelligent People

Our engineers are experts in all aspects of product development including image processing, system, hardware, and software design. We have extensive experience and numerous patents to our names. We believe that OEM relationships are symbiotic and require a collaborative engineering approach from specifications to production. Our goal is simply completely satisfied customers.

Intelligent Process

Co-creation, where you are able to personalize the work experience. Based on effective communication from the start, our solutions take your whole system into account. Our process captures your requirements and enables fast development cycles with outstanding quality. Internal processes include design validation, verification, simulation, version control, testing, collaboration tools and extensive documentation. Our strong processes are further demonstrated by the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2008–Quality Mgmt Systems Compliant
  • ISO 13485– Medical Device Compliant

Intelligent Products

Our cameras are compliant with industry standard interfaces for true plug-and-play functionality with third party software. We design all our IP to work within a modular architecture that enables flexibility and ease of reuse. We use powerful processors and FPGAs to form robust cameras that can act as a foundation for customization. We also offer complete embedded Linux platforms that enable the customer to lose the PC and thereby gain lower cost and reliability.

Rochester NY Skyline

The Imaging Solutions Group formed in Rochester, New York – the imaging capital of the world, home of iconic technology based corporate giants and technology infused universities, and the future home of the $600 million Photonics Institute.