Allegro GIGE Camera

More intelligence. Better performance. Less money. LightWise customizable smart cameras are the intelligent camera solution for OEMs. LightWise cameras feature compact form factors, high resolution and high performance, along with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers. We put more intelligence in the camera with on-board processors, FPGAs, image buffers and other features to improve performance and simplify integration.

LightWise Allegro cameras are an excellent low-cost GIGE solution. We add a few unique features to differentiate these cameras from the competition, such as the Image Pipeline in the on-board FPGA and memory intelligently allocated. And because LightWise OEM cameras are easier to integrate, you will get your OEM vision systems to market faster, with better performance and higher margins.

Camera Models & Specs Table

Camera Name LabelSensor VendorTechnologyImage SensorFrame SizeResolutionPixel Size
LW-AL-CMV4000M-GIGE MONOCMOSISCMOSCMV40004 MP2048 x 20485.5 μm
LW-AL-CMV12000C-GIGE COLORCMOSISCMOSCMV1200012 MP4096 x 30725.5 μm
LW-AL-CMV12000M-GIGE MONOCMOSISCMOSCMV1200012 MP4096 x 30725.5 μm
LW-AL-IMX174C-GIGE COLORSonyCMOSIMX1742.3 MP (HD+)1920 x 12005.86 μm
LW-AL-IMX174M-GIGE MONOSonyCMOSIMX1742.3 MP (HD+)1920 x 12005.86 μm
LW-AL-IMX249C-GIGE COLORSonyCMOSIMX2492.3 MP (HD+)1920 x 12005.86 μm
LW-AL-IMX249M-GIGE MONOSonyCMOSIMX2492.3 MP (HD+)1920 x 12005.86 μm
LW-AL-IMX250C-GIGE COLORSonyCMOSIMX2505.1 MP2464 x 20563.45 μm
LW-AL-IMX250M-GIGE MONOSonyCMOSIMX2505.1 MP2464 x 20563.45 μm

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