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Custom OEM Smart Cameras

Our custom cameras are used in demanding applications for machine vision, traffic control, traffic enforcement, security and surveillance, medical imaging and more. These articles highlight our unique approach to custom camera design and showcase some of our customers’ success.

Our industrial camera design and real-world applications

Custom Camera to Improve the Quality of Road Inspections

Road traffic accidents are classified into three general causal categories: equipment failure, human failure, and road failure.

Custom Camera for Inspecting Printed Circuit Boards

Delivery of incorrect boards can have a significant negative affect on the company reputation, which can directly result in lost business.

Custom Camera in Scientific Discovery

Sometimes, words are not enough. Observations made with microscopes can be very difficult to describe to others, particularly observations that have not been seen before.

High Speed Custom Camera Imaging Addresses Metrology Challenges

High speed imaging plays a critical role in successful metrology, the science of measurement.

Commercial, Defense Security and Surveillance

When it comes to security and surveillance, there are situations that have higher requirements for the system than home and standard commercial security installations.

Automated inspection is a major machine vision application

Automated inspection is a major machine vision application. Inspecting any type of product in a manufacturing, quality control or even biological specimens, in an automated fashion improves throughput and accuracy.

Disposable scopes eliminate infection

Vision Systems Design – May 2008 Micro-Imaging Solutions turned to ISG for medical camera design expertise to create the first prototype of its digital disposable arthroscope.

Imager integrates read-out IC

Vision Systems Design – May 2008 NoblePeak Vision demonstrated a prototype short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging array and camera, assembled by coupling a custom-designed sensor board and TEC controller board with our commercial three-board industrial camera stack.

Working for other people

Vision Systems Design – May 2008 “Products such as those from ISG appear as specialized cameras or products from companies in the medical market and many other industrial imaging markets. However, there remains a general lack of awareness of these engineering companies by those who may require their custom camera design services,” says Vision Systems Design editor Andy Wilson.

Vision system measures scallops

Vision Systems Design – November 2006 To speed its annual survey of the size distribution of deep-sea scallops along the east coast, the NOAA Woods Hole Laboratory developed a prototype machine-vision system incorporating our LightWise 1394 camera. The system increased measurement accuracy and speed, handling scallops ranging in size from 25 mm to 200 mm at a clip of 2 seconds per scallop.

FireWire cameras tackle linescan applications

Vision Systems Design – August 2004 LightWise LW-SLIS-2048A linescan camera uses the SLIS-2048a, a 2k × 1 sensor from Panavision SVI to digitize data at rates up to 60 MHz with 12-bit pixel resolution. Customers include Consol Energy (Pittsburgh, PA). This producer of coal, gas, and electricity is using the LW-SLIS-2048A industrial camera to inspect belt splices in a mining application.

Intelligent cameras embed new low-cost functions

Vision Systems Design – August 2004 In the past year, the number of camera manufacturers and products has increased dramatically, with new camera designs addressing the security, defense, semiconductor, and machine-vision markets. Broadcast-standard analog cameras still dominate the low-cost security markets, but FireWire, USB 2.0, Camera Link, and Gigabit Ethernet sensors have come to dominate machine-vision applications. In the design of such cameras, vendors have incorporated the latest CCD or CMOS devices, analog front ends (AFEs), and off-the-shelf interfaces to produce low-cost products.

Custom cameras classify pellets precisely

Vision Systems Design – August 2004 Implementing complex algorithms in a PC is an everyday task for many machine-vision companies, and software from major vendors is easy to use and powerful. But some customers require high performance and low cost where custom image-processing algorithms must be embedded in the camera. With such designs, the need for the PC is eliminated and the algorithm’s performance is optimized. This lowers the system cost and enables OEM customers to provide sorting machines at lower prices to their customers. Since the machines are optimized, they can sort more material faster, and the end customers’ throughput is increased.

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