image-mediumRochester, NY – August 16, 2007 – With the market for imaging solutions is expanding rapidly, the imaging industry is vastly different than it was just a few years ago. The growth has been most visible in the security industry, with surveillance cameras pervasive and becoming even more so. Public acceptance is high, despite some concern about civil liberties; the majority seems to welcome the increased safety and peace of mind.

Integrated vision for embedded applications is becoming so cost-effective that refrigerators and other household appliances are using imaging to improve the end user’s experience. Imagine ten years ago someone offering you a hand-held scanner in a grocery store to check prices or even check out on your own. The public would have thought you were out of you mind. Today it is normal and expected.

Other imaging markets less visible to the public are also growing rapidly. Europe has led the expansion of imaging for industrial uses, with the North American market now catching up. Key growth areas are vision systems for robotic assembly and quality control in manufacturing.