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You may already be aware of our Linux based imaging platforms  for surgical endoscopy. These platforms are custom stand-alone imaging systems that require no PC. We have leveraged our extensive experience here to create a  unique product

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We are pleased to offer an industry first – an endoscope that uses the USB3 Vision standard interface.Our USB Vision interface gives you plug-and-play access to all the controls in the camera so that you can tune the system for your environment. This allows applications to seamlessly connect to this unique imaging system.

This scope has a very small diameter distal end with a high quality low distortion lens and integrated illumination. It is waterproof and sterilizable, giving it great value in medical endoscopy, industrial borescopes, machine vision, microscopy, and other applications that require optimal image quality.

Image Quality

We have gone to great lengths to create a camera with optimum image quality using analog and digital hardware for low latency real-time operation. The integrated LED illumination adjusts automatically for brightness control. Our proprietary low noise Analog Front End electronics is designed to minimize noise and maximize dynamic range. Each camera is then individually calibrated to deliver its best image consistently.

Our LightWise Image Processor provides industry leading image quality.  LightWise image processing uses proprietary techniques for real-time image correction and fixed pattern noise removal as well as our suite of advanced imaging functions like color correction, gamma, and white balance.

As always, all our cameras include our Medley SDK which allows rapid integration into any PC or laptop. Use the GUI to view, process, capture and record video instantly. Medley also includes Micro-Manager, TWAIN, and DirectShow drivers, as well as other interfaces like C/C++/C# and Python, so that you can use our scope with your favorite application.


Our extensive experience with the OmniVision family of analog output sensors enables solutions that leverage our proprietary Analog Front End technology.  This family includes the OV6922, OV6930, OV6946, and OV6948.

With our expertise and modular architecture, this advanced platform could be customized for your unique application. This imaging system could be easily customized due to its FPGA and processor based modular architecture. This enables custom logic and functions using the existing platform which gives you customization at “standard product” unit costs.

For those who seek an optimum cost/performance solution, our modular IP and years of experience in hardware/software design can be utilized to create your optimized system. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured countless OEM systems that are still in service today.

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