Ethernet Industrial Custom Camera Platform

Ethernet Industrial Custom Camera Platform

Start with our custom camera platform to get all the benefits of a custom camera, with fast time to market, at low cost for OEM volumes.

Remote-Eye Ethernet Industrial Camera

10/100 Ethernet camera with remote sensor head


Flexible custom camera platform with remote sensor head takes any CCD or CMOS image sensor (area or line scan). On-board JPEG compression delivers high quality, high-resolution video capture with transmission over standard 10/100 Ethernet.
From this custom camera platform, we will quickly develop and deliver OEM cameras tailored to your specific needs, at low cost in OEM volumes. Engineering development charges and minimum order quantities apply.
This custom camera platform is the second of a new generation of intelligent security cameras. An on-board JPEG compression algorithm enables capture and transmission of high-quality, high-resolution video over industry-standard 10/100 Ethernet cabling and networks. On-board digital pan and zoom eliminates costly and unreliable mechanical pan, tilt and zoom units. The camera platform features global or synchronous shutter and any frame rate or line rate required, with on-board NTSC/PAL interface for local display.
Functions are logically grouped into a multi-board system for quick-turn OEM camera configurations. On-board FPGA enables easy integration of custom algorithms and signal processing as well as user-configurability. With the full image pipeline on board and industry-standard interfaces, our custom OEM cameras are designed for easy integration into your target system.


Remote-Eye custom camera platform key features

Ethernet Camera Remote

  • High-performance CCD or CMOS image sensor, line scan or area
    • Any resolution
    • Monochrome or color
  • On-board multiple-frame image buffer
    • up to 128 MB
  • Global or synchronous (rolling) shutter
  • Any frame rate or line rate
    • Typical 30 frames/second at 1280 x 1024 resolution
    • Higher frame rate in smaller regions of interest (e.g. 90 fps at VGA)
  • Integrated image processing pipeline
  • Optional real-time JPEG and motion-JPEG compression (under contract)
  • Fully programmable dynamic range / gamma control LUT for any response curve
  • On-board digital pan and zoom
  • Industry-standard interfaces
    • 10/100 Ethernet interface
    • NTSC/PAL interface for local display monitoring
  • User-programmable exposure timing and frame rate
  • I/O for triggers and synchronization flexibility
  • On-board FPGA for user-configurability
  • Built-in test pattern
  • Single 12V supply via FireWire
  • Compact form factor
  • Full SDK/API and graphical user interface (GUI) software

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