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Highly-Integrated Imaging Platform Custom Camera

Highly-Integrated Imaging Platform Custom Camera

Start with our custom camera platform to get all the benefits of a custom camera, with fast time to market, at low cost for OEM volumes.

CUSTOM CAMERA PLATFORM Highly-Integrated Imaging Platform (HIP)

Custom GigE Camera

Custom Camera Platform
Very low-cost custom GigE camera platform supports the image sensor of your choice and features a control pad display with programmable LEDs and switches. A high-performance Linux processor, large FPGA and associated memory systems enable us to integrate multiple imaging and system functions into one, high-performance industrial camera system designed specifically for your OEM application.
From this custom camera platform, we will quickly develop and deliver OEM cameras tailored to your needs, at very low cost in OEM volumes. Engineering development charges and minimum order quantities apply.
The HIP platform supports OnSemi and Aptina 5 MP CMOS sensors for low-cost applications. Alternatively, we can design a new sensor board using the CCD or CMOS area camera or line scan camera sensor of your choice. Other customization possibilities include customer-specific image processing algorithms and built-in system control capabilities using the on-board workstation-class CPU.

Highly Integrated Camera


HIP custom GigE camera platform key features

Computing power

  • Freescale PowerPC 333 MHz Linux processor
  • Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA
  • Separate memory for CPU and FPGA

Image sensor options

  • OnSemi VITA 5000 global shutter, 5MP at 50 fps
    • 2592 x 1944 active pixels, 4.8 micron pixel Size, 1 inch optical format
  • Aptina rolling shutter with global reset, 5MP at 15 fps
    • 2592 x 1944 active pixels, 2.2 micron pixel Size, 1/2.5 inch optical format
  • Other CCD or CMOS image sensor of your choice – line scan or area


  • Network GigE 10/100/1000
  • GigE Vision compliant
  • RS232 and RS422
  • Triggers (3) and Strobes (2)
  • USB2 Ports (4)

Additional industrial camera features

  • Integrated image processing pipeline
  • On-board digital pan and zoom
  • Control pad display (9 programmable LEDs, 2 programmable switches)
  • Thermal sensor
  • Full SDK/API and graphical user interface (GUI) software
  • Very low cost for OEM volumes

HiPIIP Block Diagram

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