Rochester, NY – October 6, 2003 | Imaging Solutions Group of New York, Inc. announced today the design of an intelligent high-resolution camera utilizing Fill Factory’s new IBIS-5a CMOS image sensor and Xilinx FPGAs. Working in close cooperation with Fill Factory’s technical managers, Imaging Solutions Group designed the LightWise LW-1.3-G-1394 to deliver unparalleled price performance value to the industrial automation and security markets.

image-mediumThe development of this unique camera adds depth to Imaging Solutions Group’s product line. One of the fastest-growing suppliers in the imaging industry, Imaging Solutions Group designs and manufactures compact, high performance cameras for a variety of applications including security, machine vision, defense and surveillance/reconnaissance.

The Fill Factory IBIS-5a CMOS image sensor has been specifically designed for high sensitivity, high dynamic range and video frame rates. It supports a full global electronic shutter at frame rates up to 30 frames per second progressive at full 1.3 MP resolution (1280 x 1024) and over 90 frames per second VGA (640 x 480). Its region of interest capability allows for even higher frame rates in small windows. There is also an on-board image buffer for 3 color frames or 9 monochrome frames.

“Fill Factory’s unique, high-quality CMOS technology opens a new era in digital video performance,” said Kerry Van Iseghem, co-founder of Imaging Solutions Group. “The IBIS-5a sensor’s high speed and sensitivity, combined with its low noise and high dynamic range, make this camera an exciting addition to our product line that features cameras used by customers in the machine vision, security, scientific, and defense industries.”

Enhancing the camera’s performance even further is Imaging Solutions Group’ own high performance digital signal processing. All Imaging Solutions Group products incorporate hardware programmability in addition to software programmability. On-board field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) from Xilinx Inc. allow for unprecedented performance of embedded image processing algorithms.

Imaging Solutions Group has vast expertise in taking customer-specific imaging algorithms and embedding them in these Xilinx FPGAs for unparalleled performance. In many cases, entire PC systems can be replaced by the logic within the camera itself, lowering the system costs for the industrial automation industry.

“Fill Factory is pleased to see its high-performance IBIS-5a CMOS imager being integrated in ISG’s line of camera products,” said Tim Baeyens, applications engineering manager at Fill Factory.