Rochester, NY – February 27, 2007 – The Imaging Solutions Group (ISG) announces the availability of a new custom camera platform with remote sensor head. The camera can be coupled with any CCD or CMOS image sensor (both area and line scan sensors) for industrial camera applications. The remote sensor head can have a board lens for very small applications, or any other standard mount

image-mediumThe custom camera design platform has a high-performance, low-power Linux CPU along with 10/100 Ethernet, on-board JPEG compression, NTSC composite and S-Video. It has on-board FPGA (up to 4M gates) and contains the ISG image pipeline.

This camera is intended for machine vision, automated assembly, metrology and industrial bar code applications.

“This new custom camera platform offers great flexibility, low cost and small form factor,” said Kerry Van Iseghem, co-founder of ISG. “It is the ideal solution for OEM customers needing a custom camera design.”