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Download guides and resources, or contact us for support with your custom camera or LightWise OEM smart camera.

Camera documentation, drivers and software updates

Model Number LW-IQ-16070-C or -M       (-C for Color & -M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet KAI-16070_Datasheet_PS-0010_ r1.0_7.4_8fps.pdf
User’s Manual LightWise_IQ_TechMan_V1.0.3.pdf
Model Number LW-IQ-29050-C or -M       (-C for Color & -M for Monochrome)
Sensor Datasheet KAI-29050_Datasheet_PS_0008_r2 0_5.5_4fps.pdf
User’s Manual LightWise_IQ_TechMan_V1.0.3.pdf
The latest sensor datasheets can be downloaded directly from
OnSemi (Truesense Imaging) at their website found below:

LightWise™ IQ GigE Software & Documentation

IQ Installation Instructions (November 2014)

GigE GUI only

LightWise IQ GUI Software – 32-Bit Call if needed.
LightWise IQ GUI Software – 64-Bit
GigE_Genapi_Interface GigE_Genapi_Interface.pdf
The purpose of the Genapi_Interface.pdf document is to describe the way in which a user can create a Windows application to control and acquire video from a GigeVision� camera.

GenICam™ Software

GenICam™ – Software (74MB)
This compressed file contains GenICam_VC80_Win64_x64_v2_4_0.exe
GenICam_VC80_Win32_i86_v2_4_0.exe & runtime/sdk .tgz files

GenICam™ &  GigE Vision™ Documentation
This compressed file contains:
GenICam™ Standard Document 2.0 GenICam_Standard_v2_0.pdf
GenICam™ GenApi Standard Features Naming Convention GenICam_SFNC_2_1.pdf
This document defines all of the features that are common to a digital video camera, and therefore most cameras such as the ISG device, conform to these functions, along with some additional custom controls.
GenICam Flyer GenICam_Flyer.pdf
GenICam Introduction genICam_introduction.pdf
GenICam™ for Developer’s genicam_for_developers.pdf
More detailed presentation designed for developers and other technically oriented audience

GigE Vision Documentation:

GigE Vision Standard Specification GigE_Vision_Specification_2-0-02.pdf

This document must be downloaded from the AIA Website:

Automated Imaging Association     AIA_Pixel_Format_Naming_Convention_1-1-00.pdf
These documents can be found on our CD or from the GenICam Website or the GigEVision Website.
GenICam™ Website
GigEVision™ Website

MVTec ActivVision Halcon Software

MVTec Software MVTec
This compressed file is very large (777 MB) It contains 3 files show below:
MVTec ActivVision Software  (256 MB) avt-3.2-x86-win32.exe
MVTec Halcon 11 Software  (516 MB) halcon-11.0-windows (1).exe
Utility S/W to use Halcon 11 with ActivVision
Instructions below are for MVTec Installations
IQ Installation Instructions (October 2014) LightWise_IQ_Installation_Instructions_10-8-2014.pdf
IQ Installation Instructions (22MB) LightWise_IQ_Installation_Instructions.pdf
IQ Installation Instructions
(smaller version 12MB)
ISG_GigE_Genapi_Interface GigE_Genapi_Interface.pdf
MVTec Halcon & ActivVisionTools do not yet work with v2.4.1 and therefore v2.3.1 is found below which is known to work properly.
GenICam™ – 32-Bit Software (5.7MB)
This compressed file contains GenICam_VC80_Win32_i86_v2_3_1.exe
GenICam™ – 64-Bit Software (8MB)
This compressed file contains GenICam_VC80_Win64_x64_v2_3_1.exe

These large files can also be downloaded directly from the MVTec Website.

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