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IQ Smart GigE Cameras

LightWise™ IQ GigE Cameras

(Optional CoaXpress)


LightWise area scan GigE cameras offer exceptional performance with both GigE Vision and optional CoaXpress standard interfaces. These intelligent cameras feature a very low-noise analog front end and TrueSense Imaging KAI series CCD sensors for stellar image quality. The on-board processor, FPGAs and image buffers make for easy customization and highest performance at a lowest system cost in OEM applications. The CoaXpress interface is only available under engineering contract at this time.


Superior image quality, unmatched flexibility

LightWise IQ Smart Camera
Our compact combination GigE cameras delivers superior image quality and high performance with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers. OEMs can program advanced imaging algorithms in C++ and run them on the integrated, work-station class Linux CPU in the camera, as well as perform video analytics. These cameras come packaged with driver software and a user’s manual.

Features of LightWise™ IQ GigE cameras

  • TrueSense Imaging KAI series CCD sensors
  • Resolution from 16 MP (4872 x 3248) to 29 MP (6576 x 4384)
  • GigE Vision interfaces with dual GigE optional and CoaXpress optional
  • Large on-board image buffer of 600 MB
  • On-board Linux processor and FPGAs for custom algorithms and signal processing
  • Optional NTSC composite video input
  • Two USB2 ports, opto-isolated triggers and strobes
  • Cannon-compatible EF-mount with electronic control of aperture (IRIS) and focus
  • 24V DC input
  • Compact size
  • Easy integration
  • Low cost in OEM volumes


LightWise IQ Smart Camera

GigE cameras / CoaXpress camera models

Model Sensor Resolution Pixels Pixel Size
Max Frame
Rate (FPS)
LW-IQ-KAI-16070 KAI-16070 CCD 16 Mp 4872 x 3248 7.4 8
LW-IQ-KAI-29050 KAI-29050 CCD 29 Mp 6576 x 4384 5.5 4


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