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Our custom cameras are embedded in OEM systems for machine vision, transportation, security and surveillance, medical imaging and many other markets. We optimize imaging systems for each application, reducing overall system costs by integrating more system functionality into the camera.

Optimizing performance for your application


Our custom cameras incorporate the full image pipeline, workstation-class Linux processors and application-specific IP cores on FPGAs. Eliminating external image processing hardware and software delivers maximum speed and performance in each target system.

Our custom camera platforms enable fast development of cost-effective industrial solutions. We combine core building blocks of our intellectual property. We then focus on customizing key aspects to your specific instrument, optimizing cost and performance.

Alternatively, our LightWise OEM smart cameras are cost-effective standard solutions. They can be used “out-of-the-box” as generic, high-performance cameras. They are also highly customizable with on-board FPGAs, processors and image buffers. You can often eliminate other host processing and use your LightWise camera to perform all image processing and other logic for your OEM application.

We provide custom cameras and camera systems that tailor perfectly to a wide variety of technical needs.

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Machine Vision

Machine Vision Cameras

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Medical & Science

Medical and Science Smart Cameras

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