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LightWise Image Processor

The LightWise Image Processor – all on board

All our custom cameras feature a full image pipeline, from sensor to compression, right on board the camera. This superior image pipe is built on our unmatched experience in digital imaging: our core team has worked together for more than 20 years, creating the world’s first digital cameras and authoring more than 140 digital imaging patents.


LightWise Image Processing (IP) cores

Today’s high-performance OEM cameras require a mix of software and hardware acceleration modules to move beyond the performance limits of software-only solutions. ISG delivers.

We develop IP cores in C and Verilog and implement them as hardware IP blocks for ASICs and FPGAs, or port them to imaging DSPs and embedded processors. We modify any of the IP cores to suit your application, and integrate any of the modules with your intellectual property.

Our IP cores simplify system design and get your industrial camera product to market quickly. We optimize the core library to provide complete image path solutions for a wide range of product applications. Our IP cores and design modules include:

  • Color Image Processing
    • Color space converter (RGB to YUV (YCbCr)
    • Bayer interpolator – Bayer to RGB
    • Enhanced Bayer interpolator – with edge enhancement and correction
    • Color balance
    • Bad pixel correction
    • Gamma correction
    • Lens shading correction
    • Temporal filtering
  • Camera Automation
    • Auto exposure
    • Auto white balance
    • Auto focus assist
    • Motion detection assist
    • Automatic noise removal and sensor calibration
  • Compression
    • High-performance JPEG compression / decompression with programmable Q tables
    • JPEG rate control and bandwidth monitoring for motion-JPEG
  • Imaging Operators
    • High-quality 2D scaling – smooth digital zoom
    • Cropping and framing
    • Image rotation
    • Multiple concurrent region control from single sensor
  • Scalable DMA and Memory Control
    • Scalable multi-master concurrent video/image bus.
    • Configurable smart-DMA blocks
  • Output Formatters
    • CCIR656
    • Programmable sub-sampling
    • SMPTE292
    • DVI
    • HDMI

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