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Machine Vision

Machine Vision Cameras

Machine Vision Cameras

Our machine vision cameras are in use in more than a hundred applications, including metrology, spectroscopy, quality control, and inspection such as high-speed industrial bar code scanning and high-speed optical inspection.

Machine vision camera expertise


Our cameras enable special-purpose spectrometers that are smaller and drastically cheaper than standard full-function spectrometers or camera-and-PC solutions for spectroscopy. We integrate specific analytical algorithms right into machine vision cameras for each OEM customer, to optimize performance in the specific industrial spectroscopy application.

For metrology, we embed algorithms for measuring and checking dimensions right into the camera. Our OEM instrument customers benefit from smaller size, lower cost and higher reliability using our machine vision cameras in their instruments. We also manufacture optical comparators and other optical measurement systems for OEM customers.

Our machine vision cameras are used in automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for printed circuit boards. Our OEM customers serve the semiconductor process and printed circuit board markets with systems for wafer surface profiling, wafer surface inspection, solder inspection and more.

Our cameras excel in a wide range of additional machine vision applications including food and beverage processing and direct part marking systems for counterfeit prevention.

Machine vision case studies

Custom cameras classify pellets precisely

Vision Systems Design – August 2004

Implementing complex algorithms in a PC is an everyday task for many machine vision companies, and software from major vendors is easy to use and powerful. But some customers require high performance and low cost where custom image-processing algorithms must be embedded in the camera. With such designs, the need for the PC is eliminated and the algorithm’s performance is optimized. This lowers the system cost and enables OEM customers to provide sorting machines at lower prices to their customers. Since the machines are optimized, they can sort more material faster, and the end customers’ throughput is increased.

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