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Scalable Medical Device Platform

Medical and Science Smart Cameras

Scalable Medical Device Platform.


Fully ISO13485 Design Process compliant and IEC60601 3rd Edition Standards
All manufacturing is ISO13485 certified
OEM relationships with a co-creative approach.

    • Customizable Smart Camera
      • LightWise Image Processor – superior image quality
      • Modular Architecture enables flexibility and ease of reuse
      • Processor and FPGA based for a robust foundation for customization
      • Industry standard interfaces for true plug-and-play functionality
      • Application Specific Image Processing and Algorithms
      • Time-to-Market advantage by starting with our proven standard product
      • Wide variety of supported sensors including Sony, CMOSIS, Truesense, ON Semiconductor
      • Image optimization for host processing – custom metadata
    • Custom Imaging Systems
      • Standalone processing does not require a host PC
      • Optimized for cost and performance using our comprehensive IP library
      • Application specific hardware and form factors
      • Application specific interfaces
      • Linux based with ISG API allows customer provided software
      • Customer specific Graphical User Interface
      • Customer specified sensors and operating modes
    • Endoscope Imaging Systems
      • Image Sensor at the distal end is our specialty
      • Disposable low cost endoscopes
      • Separate digital processing unit
      • LED lighting control
      • Display Engineering – multiple types of simultaneous displays
    • Microscope and DNA / Fluorescence Imaging
      • Large pixel sizes maximize objective field of view
      • Focus algorithms
    • Surgical Imaging Systems
      • Multiple Remote Image Sensor Heads
      • Color accuracy
      • Display Engineering – multiple types of simultaneous displays


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