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Medley SDK GIGE:


Medley SDK for GIGE
  • Quick and easy integration of multiple our GigE Vision cameras into your application
  • Support for dozens of programming languages and environments
  • Extensive set of image processing and video recording functions
  • Numerous sample applications and thorough documentation
  • Exceptional performance due to a low-level code optimization
  • GigE Vision 2.0 and earlier
  • GenICam SFNC v.2.3 and earlier

MedleyGcam is an industrial-grade hardware independent SDK designed to provide developers and end-users with a rapid access to our GigE Vision cameras. The SDK provides a versatile and very easy-to-understand set of properties, methods and events for building high-performance applications. It literally takes minutes to design a working multi-camera application with a live preview, camera control and image data access in any programming environment. This is achieved through MedleyGcam’s universal COM/ActiveX interface as well as included DirectShow video capture filter and TWAIN driver.

MedleyGcam is provided with a comprehensive set of documentation as well as a huge library of sample projects in multiple programming languages, demonstrating live video capture, full control over camera settings, image processing and analysis, real-time video recording, and many more. Excellent performance, industry-proven robustness, broad functionality and diligent technical support make MedleyGcam one of the best camera SDKs in its class.

API, Programming Languages and Environments

Visual C++ (from 6.0 and higher), C#, VB.NET, VB6
Borland/Embarcadero Delphi, PowerBuilder,
Java, Python, Ruby, QT, Adobe Flash
Matlab, OpenCV, Euresys Open eVision
LabView, GE Fanuc, WinCC Flexible, Indusoft Studio


Video Acquisition:

  • Acquire video from one or several of our GigE Vision cameras
  • Stream video from a single source to multiple destinations in the Multicast mode
  • Use hardware and software trigger modes to acquire individual frames
  • Get an instant access to pixel values and pixel arrays in raw and interpolated frames
  • Retrieve individual color planes from color images
  • Perform automatic firewall traversing, packet resends and optimal packet size negotiation
  • Obtain timestamp information for each individual frame
  • Retrieve chunk data appended to each image in the chunk mode

Camera Control:

  • Utilize built-in multi-panel dialog for a comprehensive GUI control over available camera features
  • Set the desired video format, frame rate, exposure time, gain, black level, white balance
  • Select the desired size and position of the scan area
  • Perform programmatic control over all GenICam features exposed by connected devices
  • Control non-standard features by direct access to camera registers
  • Receive message events from cameras in real time
  • Broadcast action commands to multiple devices (compatible with IEEE-1588 Time Precision Protocol)
  • Save camera settings into a specified file and reload them on demand
  • Transfer data to and from files hosted on the camera

Video Display:

  • Utilize our built-in video window for a high-performance live display
  • Perform automatic color interpolation of raw Bayer, JPEG and H.264 steams into RGB video
  • Flip, rotate, scroll and zoom live video, initiate the full screen mode
  • Chose among several palettes for pseudo-color display of monochrome and thermal images
  • Import live video into PictureBox objects
  • Overlay multi-colored graphics and text with adjustable transparency over live video

Video Recording:

  • Save images into RAW, BMP, TIF, JPEG, DPX files and reload them on demand
  • Perform high-speed recording into memory sequences and access them on demand
  • Perform real-time recording into image file series and AVI files of unlimited size
  • Adjust compression settings and time-lapse interval for video capture

Image Processing:

  • Apply real-time running average and integration to video frames
  • Implement built-in background (dark and flat field) correction
  • Automatically identify hot pixels and eliminate them from incoming images
  • Perform real-time histogram and statistical analysis over a selected color component
  • Built-in LUT (lookup table), software brightness, contrast and WB control
  • User-defined pre- and post-processing of video frames
  • Real-time lens distortion correction (barrel and pincushion)
  • Integrated barcode decoder (UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2/5, QR Code, DataMatrix)


  • Reduce the CPU load and latency by utilizing our GCAM GigE Vision Network Filter driver
  • Interface to third party imaging applications through the included TWAIN driver
  • Make our GigE Vision camera immediately recognizable by popular video streaming application via our included DirectShow Video Capture Filter


  • A plug-and-play visualization tool for camera testing and evaluation.
  • Immediate camera initialization and live video display
  • Full GUI control over features supported by the camera
  • Memorizing camera features and restoring them upon the next run
  • Easy multiplexing between multiple cameras
  • Automatic packet size optimization and firewall traversing
  • Image flipping, rotating and zooming
  • Full screen mode
  • Real time message event window


  • GCAM GigE Vision network filter driver
  • DirectShow video capture filter driver
  • TWAIN interface driver

Recommended Requirements

Intel Core i5 CPU, 2.5 GHz, 4GB RAM
Gigabit Ethernet adapter with Jumbo Frames support
Windows XP, 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

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