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Medley Software Developers Kit

Medley SDK

Medley Software Developers Kit


Medley is a comprehensive Software Developers Kit (SDK) for cameras supporting the GigE Vision and USB3 Vision protocols. The efficient Medley SDK will allow users to control all the functions of ISG cameras with low CPU overhead and memory requirements.

Please note that the Medley SDK is not backwards compatible to our previous SDK. Therefore any application written to our legacy SDK will need to be modified to conform to Medley’s API. Our legacy SDK will continue to be fully supported for those customers who do not choose to transition to Medley.

Medley SDK USB3
Ucam v1.1.0.3 Windows 10 update issue fix

Medley Features:

Graphical User Interface with viewer and full camera control
GenICam and SFNC compliant
Sample code for various API usage models
Image capture in JPEG, TIFF, and BMP formats
Video capture in AVI and H2.64 formats
Timestamp viewing
Rotate and flip live view
Pixel value monitoring
Simultaneous multiple camera support
Barcode decoding
Color interpolation of Bayer video
Multiple palettes of pseudo-color display for thermal and monochrome imaging
Multi-color overlay of text and graphics for live video
Integration and averaging of video frames in real-time
Histogram and statistics in real-time
32/64 bit platform support
Multi-core platform support and control
Lens correction
Viewer with zoom and scroll of live video
Save and retrieve camera settings locally

Medley Compatibility and Environments

Medley: 1. a diverse assortment or mixture; 2. a piece of music combining tunes from various sources.

We chose the name Medley to reflect our SDK’s extensive support for a comprehensive variety of industry standard programming interfaces and methodologies. Our goal is to make using our cameras quick and easy for application developers. Developers should be free to focus on their products and features instead of the logistics associated with controlling a camera. The following are some of the popular environments we support:

Visual Studio C, C++, C#
Visual Basic,
MathWorks MATLAB – direct connect without the need for their Image Acquisition Toolbox
NI LabVIEW – direct connect without the need for their Vision Acquisition Software (NI-IMAQ)
Micro-Manager – ImageJ
Linux (coming soon)
Adobe Flash
WinCC Flexible
InduSoft Studio
Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) – web streaming

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