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Industrial Vision Systems


The custom camera platforms we develop for one market are often 90% ready for adaptation to a completely different market. With these platforms we can quickly develop an industrial vision  system for almost any OEM imaging application. We’ll meet your sensor requirements, and provide a full image pipe and application-specific processing algorithms right in the camera. From simple to exotic – if you need it, we’ve probably done it.

Industrial vision systems expertise


We have developed camera systems for laser beam profiling and laser beam alignment in free-space optical communications, and laser beam tracking for targeting systems

We have developed vision systems for food processing applications including sorting systems for grains and berries as well as a system to measure the length and height of fish to ensure compliance with catch limits. Our industrial vision systems are also in use in beverage bottling and can quality inspection systems.

Our smart cameras enable metrology systems that are used for fishery management and environmental monitoring.

We have also adapted one of our machine tool camera platforms for use in a mining application. This system enables inspection of a very long belt which moves material from the inside the mine to the exit. Two remote head sensors continually inspect the belt, and a quality control algorithm determines the probable break date of each splice point. This enables the mine to remove all material from the belt prior to the impending break, drastically reducing down-time and increasing profitability.

Industrial vision systems case studies

Vision system measures scallops

Vision Systems Design – November 2006
To speed its annual survey of the size distribution of deep-sea scallops along the east coast, the NOAA Woods Hole Laboratory developed a prototype machine-vision system incorporating our LightWise 1394 camera. The system increased measurement accuracy and speed, handling scallops ranging in size from 25 mm to 200 mm at a clip of 2 seconds per scallop. Read more…

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