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  • ► USB3 vision compliant
  • ► FPGA image pipeline customizable for custom camera solution
  • ► 2064 pixels
  • ► 20/80 khz line rate
  • ► 10×10 um, 10×200 um pixel size
  • ► Spectrometry, Verification, Identification and Security Markets
  • ► Scroll down for Detailed descriptions and product specs.
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  • Description

    Product Description

    The Allegro Awaiba ORION 2K sensor  is a digital high speed line scan sensor with a configurable photo-diode size. The conversion capacitance can also be configured over the SPI interface. These programmable features allows  for a very high SNR and high sensitivity.The high aspect ratio photo-diode makes the Orion sensors ideal for spectrometric and OCT applications where the light is gathered over a wide area. The ORION 2k is also being used in the Measurements, Identification, Verification and Security/ Surveillance Markets.

    Allegro cameras are USB3 Vision complaint and feature compact form factors, high resolution and high performance, along with unmatched programmability and flexibility for OEM vision system designers. We put more intelligence in our smart camera with large FPGAs, image buffers and other features to allow customization and enhanced performance.

    In addition to providing plug-and-play compatibility with industry standard USB3 Vision applications, Allegro cameras also differentiate from the competition by integrating the ISG Image Pipeline in the on-board FPGA which can be modified to provide a custom camera solution. Since Allegro OEM cameras are easier to integrate, you will get your vision systems to market faster, with better performance and higher margins. Our customers integrate Allegro cameras into their products with confidence that the solution is scalable for future feature enhancements, providing a market advantage over their competition.

  • Specifications
    Image Sensor TypeLine Scan
    Image Sensor ModelOrion 2K
    Max Res & Max Line Rate2064, 80kHz
    Line Rate20kHz, 80kHz
    Pixel Size10 x 10 µm, 10 x 200 µm
    Special ModeNon-destructive Readout
    Analog-to-Digital Converter11 or 13-bit ADC
    Video Data Output8-bit, 10-bit or 12-bit digital data
    Image Data FormatsMono 8, Mono 12 packed, Mono 14msb
    Digital InterfaceUSB3 Vision™ Specification v1.0
    FPGAAltera Cyclone V
    On-Board Memory256 MB
    Dynamic Range59 dB
    Partial Image ModesProgrammable region of interest capability
    General Purpose I/O PortsProgrammable opto-Isolated trigger inputs, 2 programmable opto-Isolated strobe outputs
    Gain ControlAnalog gain & Digital gain (programmable
    Shutter SpeedProgrammable
    SynchronizationVia external trigger and software trigger
    Trigger Latency / JitterLatency TBD / Jitter +/- 0.5 micro-second (to be measured)
    Dimensions (W x H x L)52 mm wide x 46 mm tall x 33mm long (back from front of mount to last connector)
    Mass127 grams, (without optics)
    Camera SpecificationUSB3 Vision™ Specification v1.0
    Lens MountStocked in C, available in CS
    Adjustable Back Focal LengthOptional
    Emissions ComplianceCE, FCC, RoHS
    Operating Temperature-0° to 50° C
    Storage Temperature-30° to 70° C
    Vibration Resistance10 G (14 Hz to 200 Hz)
    LED IndicatorStatus and power monitoring | Dual color
    PortsUSB3 port, Hirose 12-pin connector – Triggers & Strobes
    Power / Voltagevia USB3, or 12-pin connector, 5V +/- 10% at 0.9A max
    EnclosurePre-drilled mounting holes | Tripod mount available | Heavy duty aluminum | Sealed Sensor Cavity
    Warranty4 years – Industry leading

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