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Traffic & Surveillance


Security, Surveillance & Traffic

We have been a pioneer and innovator in high-end video for security and surveillance since 2003. Our industrial camera systems are used in defense, security and in OEM systems for commercial markets including transportation, gaming and more.

Defense, commercial & industrial camera systems


For defense imaging, surveillance and reconnaissance, we pioneered the use of multi-windowing and video analytics inside a single camera. In 2003, working with the US Navy NAVSEA Undersea Warfare Center, NASA  Ames Research Center and IBM, we engineered and delivered a ground-breaking color quad high-definition industrial camera system that was the world’s highest-resolution video-frame-rate camera at the time. Our own high-performance digital signal processing and image pipelines embedded in FPGAs enabled the camera to utilize and process the huge amount of video data captured.

Our OEM imaging systems are used today in covert surveillance cameras in hostile outdoor environments.

Our industrial camera systems enable surveillance for airport concourse security and baggage inspection. They are also used for port cargo security and for tracking of containers in multi-modal transportation.

Surveillance systems using our OEM cameras are used in casinos around the world, monitoring both dealers and players to detect cheating.

Traffic and surveillance camera case studies

LightWise IQ Smart Camera

Imager integrates read-out IC

Vision Systems Design – May 2008
NoblePeak Vision demonstrated a prototype short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging array and camera, assembled by coupling a custom-designed sensor board and TEC controller board with a commercial three-board industrial camera stack.

World’s highest-resolution video frame rate camera announced

We announced the design of the QuadHDTV™ camera, the world’s highest-resolution video frame rate camera, developed in close cooperation with scientists from the US Navy and NASA  Ames Research Center and engineers from Silicon Video. The custom camera enables high-resolution video studies and advance industrial camera systems used for defense imaging, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

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